Karate for Children – Little Dragons Program

This program is for children 4 to 6 years old

Serving the Round Rock, Texas and surrounding areas, our Little Dragons program at Round Rock Karate Academy is a perfect activity for children ages 4 to 6 years old. This is a martial arts program designed to teach children important life skills in a fun, exciting, and enriching manner. The Little Dragons curriculum will help children develop the following:

Discipline and Respect

This is a built-in process integrated in the instruction. The child will understand concepts of doing things right not just once but all the time through life examples that they understand.

Focus and Concentration

Children in this age group have a shorter attention span and have different learning abilities than older children. Round Rock Karate Academy integrates fun skill drills that increase their level of interest. Classes are broken into small segments to ensure retention and level of interest at a high pace. Meditation is a part of instruction that centers the child and is usually introduced at the beginning of class.

Confidence and Control

The Little Dragons program is geared to help the child improve control over their bodies through increased flexibility, coordination, and strength, which are inherent in their martial arts training. These abilities along with the knowledge of using their karate for self-defense will enable them to stand up to intimidating situations. The confidence gained is also effective to equip the child for anti-bullying prevention and intervention.

Balance, Fitness and Coordination

The Little Dragons program has progressive skill drills that increase in intensity and skill as the child progresses in the art. Our Little Dragons kickboxing drills and coordination sets along with memory drills help develop the child’s overall physical abilities.

These are the benefits that the child achieves at Round Rock Karate Academy. Our instructor staff is dedicated to help students achieve foundational skills, which will help them excel in all areas of their life. You will enjoy watching your child learn martial arts at Round Rock Karate Academy and you will love the benefits they gain from the program. We look forward to having you come and visit Round Rock Karate Academy and see what we can do to help your child.

Youth Self Defense – Round Rock

Our Youth program is designed to meet the needs of children seven to twelve years of age in Round Rock, Texas. The student will learn the traditional martial art of Tang Soo Do (Empty Hand Defense) which integrates the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the art to create a person free from inner conflict who can deal with the outside world in a mature, intelligent, forthright, and virtuous manner.

Adult Martial Arts – Round Rock

The adult martial arts training program at Round Rock Karate Academy is dedicated to providing adults, ages thirteen and up, an environment where they can develop their skills in the traditional art of Tang Soo Do while increasing their physical and mental strength, located in Texas. The adult classes at Round Rock Karate Academy give students time to learn the basics and advance at their own pace. We also recognize that busy work schedules and life can derail even the most disciplined so we try to ensure that our classes provide a balance of physical and mental exercise. As part of our instruction, we offer our adult students training routines and exercises tailored to their physical capabilities and needs. Flexibility, strength, coordination and increased cardiovascular development are achieved during training. The development of a person’s mental strength, improved concentration, self-discipline, and self-esteem are all part of the many benefits of Tang Soo Do.