Round Rock Karate Academy


2nd Annual Round Rock Karate Invitational


When: November 2nd, 2024
Where: Kalahari Resorts & Conventions
3001 Kalahari Boulevard, Round Rock, TX 78665 (Map)

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** Early Registration Opens at Sept 1st, 2024 09:00 AM **

Dear Studio Owners, Students & Parents:

I am honored to invite you to our 2nd Annual Round Rock Karate Invitational Tournament. Tournaments are a fun and exciting way to challenge yourselves, make new friends, and expand your martial art, and I encourage all of our martial arts family members to participate in what I hope will be a positive and rewarding experience for all in attendance.

Safety and integrity are our top priorities and as such all competitors, studio owners, volunteers, and spectators will be held to the highest standards of sportsmanlike conduct. This tournament is an opportunity to learn and grow as a community and we expect all in attendance to conduct themselves with utmost respect toward themselves, one another, our shared art, and the event itself.  

We are requesting that all Dans planning to attend the tournament sign up to volunteer as well. We will need your assistance with judging, scorekeeping, timekeeping and other duties. Judges and ring assignments will be determined in advance and given out at the Officials’ meeting at the start of the event. We will ensure that all Dans who are also competing will have ample time to eat, warm up, and practice before their competition divisions begin.

Early registration will open on September 1st and will be available through Saturday, September 21, 2024. We highly recommend registering during this time to take advantage of the lower registration fee. Late registration will take place from September 22nd – October 16th. All applications must be submitted by the final deadline of Wednesday, October 16, 2024. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any applications after the final deadline.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in this event!

Tang Soo!!

Senior Master Daniel Delenela , 6th Dan

Round Rock Karate Academy

Important Tournament Information


This tournament is an invitational event. All competitors, instructors, and studios must be invited by and be considered in good standing with Round Rock Karate Academy. 

Complete rules and regulations governing this tournament can be found here . An Officials’ meeting will be held for all dans before competition begins to ensure competition rules are understood by all judges.


All dans attending are asked to sign up to volunteer. We will ensure that all dans who are also competing will be relieved of volunteer duties with time to eat, warm up, and practice before their competition begins.


Gup and Dan events:

  • Traditional Forms
  • Sparring
  • Traditional Weapons Forms
  • Breaking

Tiny Tiger/Little Dragon events:

  • Forms
  • Belt Sparring

Divisions will be assigned after registration has closed. Competitors will be notified of their assigned divisions at tournament check-in.


  • Tiny Tigers/Little Dragons (under 7)
  • Youth (7-17)
  • Adult (18 years and up)

Event Overviews



All sparring at this competition will be light contact.

Sparring matches will be two minutes long or first to 3 points.

In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by a sudden death round. The first competitor to score a point in the 2-minute sudden-death round is the winner.

Target Areas for Points

The following areas are allowed targets for both hand and foot techniques:

  • The front and sides of the body below the neck and above the belt
  • The sides of the head

Legal/Illegal Techniques

Legal hand techniques: straight punch (jab or reverse), side punch, cross punch, back fist, and ridge hand are allowed to any legal target area

Legal foot techniques: any valid kick is allowed to all legal target areas




  • Traditional weapons allowed include Bo-staff, knife, and sword. No other weapons will be allowed
  • Forms must be traditional Tang Soo Do weapons forms
  • Competitors must be a minimum rank of 6th Gup
  • All weapons must be competition or training weapons. No live blades will be allowed.



  • Competitors to supply their own boards. Boards will be available onsite for purchase too (Limited supply)
  • All breaks must be 1” thick wooden boards
  • Boards must be 6” wide for competitors under age 10, 8” wide for competitors ages 10-12, 10” wide for competitors 13 and older, and 10” wide for ALL Dans regardless of age
  • Gups may use a maximum of 4 boards in total
  • Dans are not limited to the number of boards
  • Board holders must be either a dan or an adult. Adult dans are preferred. As much as possible, competitors should provide their own holders
  • If any supports are used, the competitor must supply a tarp or other protective floor covering


  • Competitors will have 3 minutes to set up their presentation
  • Competitors will have 2 minutes to complete their presentation
  • Gups
    • Gups are allowed a maximum of 3 techniques
    • Gups are allowed 3 attempts per technique
  • Dans
    • Dans are allowed a maximum of 4 techniques
    • Dans are allowed 2 attempts per technique



Tiny Tiger/Little Dragon competitors are not scored and all competitors in each event will receive a participation medal.

All Gup and Dan divisions will award 1st, 2nd, and two 3rd place medals.


This tournament will award the following Grand Champion trophies:

  • Male Gup
  • Female Gup
  • Male Dan
  • Female Dan

based on the total accumulation of points according to the following system:

  • First Place – 10 points
  • Second Place – 8 points
  • Third Place – 5 points

Breaking competition points are NOT included in the totals for Grand Champions.



  • All competitors must wear traditional white uniforms
  • All sparring competitors must have the following safety gear in order to compete:
    • padded hands
    • padded feet
    • padded headgear
    • mouthguard
    • groin protection (males)



One tournament t-shirt is included free of charge with each tournament registration. Additional shirts may be ordered at the time of registration. We will NOT have tournament t-shirts available for purchase at the event, so please be sure to preorder.



Outside food and drinks are NOT permitted at Kalahari. The convention center has many food options  available to participants, from concessions to full-service restaurants. We highly encourage you to take advantage of these options. Participants are also permitted to leave a cooler in their vehicle and eat in the parking lot if the convention center options do not appeal to them. Water will be provided for all attendees and we encourage you to bring a refillable water bottle for the water stations.



We will be holding a tournament raffle with several prizes, including a grand prize ($200 value). One raffle ticket is included in each registration. Additional tickets can be purchased at the Merchandise booth. Drawings will be held throughout the day and winners must be present to claim their prize.


Early registration is available through Saturday, September 21, 2024. All applications must be submitted by the final deadline of Wednesday, October 16, 2024. We will not accept any applications after the final deadline. All registrations include a competitor swag bag, a tournament t-shirt, and one raffle ticket.

Early registration fees are as follows:

  • Tiny Tiger/Little Dragon: $50
  • Gup/Dan: $70 (includes Forms and Sparring)
  • Gup/Dan Weapons: additional $10
  • Gup/Dan Breaking: additional $10

Registration fees AFTER September 21, 2024:

  • TinyTiger/Little Dragon: $60
  • Gup/Dan: $80 (Forms and Sparring)
  • Gup/Dan Weapons: additional $10
  • Gup/Dan Breaking: additional $10


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